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November 2019

Calming Emotional Storms

Hello Encouragers!

For November, I have the privilege of being the guest post at Messy Marriage: Real, Raw, Redemptive. Beth Steffaniak is the author of Messy Marriage as well as a counselor, Life Coach, and pastor’s wife. Beth is witty, smart, and gets real about her own struggles in marriage and more. Her invitation to write on relationships, in the midst of hurricane season, led me to think about emotions storms. 

I’ve been contemplating how storms manifest within nature and within myself. Did you know the power of any storm is directly related to the amount of energy available to it? Considering that truth, what energy sources might create inner turmoil and emotional turbulence? And, how do we calm those emotional storms?

Let's discover the answers together at Messy Marriage (Managing the Emotional Storm Within). Before you leave here, I want to share a quote from her website and encourage you linger on Beth’s website, check out the great posts and resources.

Here’s a quote describing her content:

If you feel that your marriage and life are hard, harder than you ever imagined they would be, then you are in good company here. We will not sugar-coat our struggles. We will not preach perfected platitudes. We will not pretend to have it altogether because we’ve figured out how to perfectly execute steps “a, b and c” of some marriage manual.

But …

We will be real. We will be honest. We will point the way to the One who can redeem the hurts and the brokenness of our lives, choices, and marriage messes….

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Praising God, Terri