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Soul Focus - Spiritual Wellness

Did you know that spiritual wellness aka spiritual health is considered a dimension of health wholeness? The professional health community (hospitals, cancer centers, hospice organizations) recognizes the significance of spirituality in several ways such as providing holistic trained staff and accessible sanctuaries. Health professionals encourage patients to express their spiritual self.

Why does it matter?

You are mind-body-spirit and when any one of these dimensions is out of balance your overall health is affected. When your spiritual-self is nurtured this enables the essence of who you are to be more fully manifested and the real you can shine bright!

Of course, your spiritual-self or spirituality is distinct from religion. If you were to reflect on spirituality, these types of questions might come to mind. How does my life bring meaning to this world? Am I connected to God and to others? Am I acknowledging my need for spirituality? Am I suppressing it? On the other hand, when you reflect on religion the questions have a different focus. How should I practice spirituality? Is there one practice that’s right? Is my soul thriving in my current practice? 1

Assess your daily need for spirituality--it's part of caring for your soul.

Generally, our physical health gets most of the attention because your body speaks to you through fevers, pain, numbness, fatigue, and other symptoms. You become attuned to your body’s language and respond to it to bring it back into balance and optimal wellness. What if you gave the same care to your soul? As your soul calls out for attention, internal and external noise causes interference and your soul’s voice goes unheard. You can tune into your soul through intentional listening, quieting your mind, and being present with yourself. By caring for your soul, you impact others. Nurturing your soul is a pathway to becoming an intentional nurturer of other souls moving through your life.

Here’s something to ask yourself: is my spiritual wellness important to me? If I make spiritual wellness part of my wellness plan, then could I live more well by giving attention to it?


Cue Journal - Fostering Connectedness

At the heart of spiritual wellness is connectedness. All souls seek connectedness. I think we realize this as our life story unfolds bringing to our awareness the connections present and necessary for us to live well. My desire for connectedness is represented through this narrative—my soul is reaching out to yours.

Journal questions: How are you fostering connectedness to meet the need of your soul? Is it your presence at events that draw large crowds, in collaborations, or with team play? Do you prefer to connect heart to heart--your heart to another? Does your soul sing when you are connecting with your gifts, creativity, or nature? Think about how you connect. Be adventurous and open to experiencing connectedness in a different way.



God, the one and only—I’ll wait as long as he says. Everything I need comes from him, so why not? He’s solid rock under my feet, breathing room for my soul, An impregnable castle: I’m set for life. –Psalm 62:1-2 The Message Bible

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. –David Henry Thoreau