God's Power in You

Hello Encouragers! I’m so thankful you’re pausing to take sip of refreshing encouragement. Today, we’re exploring the concept of God’s working power. Let’s discover what it does in us.

God’s Power at Work

Demonstrative. Eruptive. Fierce. Unmatched. This is God’s power. The stroke of God’s hand creates, subdues, destroys, or resurrects. God’s power is always at work.

Followers of Jesus are promised His power is at work within us. Power capable of filling you with inner strength through His Spirit. Describing or defining this power doesn’t do it justice, but I perceive when it’s working in me. I sense it helping my stand against temptations. It beckons me to face another day I’d just as soon not. I can recognize its activation such as when wisdom and words fill my mind and exit my mouth to benefit another.

Then, I forget about it. Somehow, I break the connection thereby moving and living as if I’m powerless. Maybe it’s because I forget Who is empowering me. Who does that?

Me, but not Deborah. I love Deborah and I think you will, too.

Deborah’s story is found in Judges 4 and 5. Here’s an incredible woman, fiercely devoted to God, whose faith rivaled that of King David. A judge, prophet, wife, servant of Israel and more, Deborah possessed strength of character, humility, faith, and wisdom. So highly esteemed by the men and women of Israel, they willingly followed her into battle though a man was commissioned to lead.

How did she do it? How did this woman come to possess leadership, resilience, and the ability to balance multiple callings?


How was she able to succeed in these roles?


Where did her strength come from?


He empowered her. God’s working power deposited in Deborah gave her everything she needed when it was needed.

You’ve got this power, too. If you claim Jesus as your Savior, the same Spirit in Deborah, Moses, Paul lives in you and me.

What might His power help you? Do you need to speak strength to your flesh, to your thoughts? Do you need to proclaim God is with you in it, whatever it is? Do you need to issue a battle cry of deliverance?

I do. I’m writing about His power because I’m done succumbing to a spirit of fear. Whether it’s a lack of control over my own thoughts or the enemy bringing all-out war against me, I’m done! What about you? Are you tired of battling something in your own strength?

Let’s speak to God’s working power within us so we can be who He created us to be. By speaking the Word of God, we release His working power into our lives. God's Word says:

Hebrews 4.12

James 5.16

Ephesians 6.10-12Let’s convert God’s Word into power statements so we can stand firm. Here’s my example.

The Verse:  So do not fear, for I am with you; I’ll strengthen you, help you. Isaiah 41:10.

My Power Statement:  With Your strength, I reject fear of what I can’t control.

It's your turn. Pick a verse. Make a Power Statement. Never forget we have a powerful God giving us power through the Spirit alive in us. Live steady, strong, and fierce! God’s strength powers your strength.

Giving God the glory, Terri

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Verses on God’s working power in us: Ephesians 1:17; 3:16, 20; Acts 1:8, Ephesians 6:10, and 2 Timothy 1:7.





Thoughts on Sin, Forgiveness, and Grace

Sin is an offence. A deep, jagged woundedness.

Afflicted are the offender and offended.

What restores the innocence? What mends the damaged?

The cleansing, healing power of forgiveness.

That’s not all.

There’s grace. God’s grace.

Grace that restores and wholly reunites.


But beware the prevailing lie—

“Sin isolates you from God”.

That’s free advice from the betrayer.

Fiercely guard your heart!

Guard your heart against the enemy, a raging lion.

He’s a labeler. He’s a liar,

"You’re Shame! You’re Disgrace! There’s Unworthy!"

Don’t yield to these names. Don't play his game.


Yes, sin scars the heart.

Unconfessed sin makes you heartsick.

Liberate yourself. Hand it over to Christ.

Hand Him your sin and you’ll get something in return.

God will give you a lavish gift. Delighting to do so!

A gift Christ purchased for you, in advance, knowing you would need this very thing.

Let yourself receive the gift of Mercy and Grace.


Now, you can label yourself. Go ahead and label yourself!

Forgiven. Loved. Adopted. Saved. Graced. Favored. Blessed….

No other names will do.

So, remember who you are and what He’s done for you.


The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you.

Let the Holy Spirit convict and lead you.

Be led.

Be led because you’ll continue to wrestle with sin.

Confess. Reform. Seize.

Confess with humility.

Reform yourself with His help.

Seize forgiveness, mercy, and grace.


Now, live like you're forgiven because you are.

Live like you’re redeemed because you are.

Live as His beloved because you are!


Dear friend, I'm so thankful for the love of God. We can seek Him for a love and grace found nowhere else.  May the verses below deepen the truth of His forgiveness, grace, and love over you.
Grace Forgiven Grace God's Love
Click here for a free printable version of Download Sin_Forgiveness_Grace. Share! If you want to see these above verses in other versions of the Bible, like the NIV or The Message, go to Bible.com.  May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you! Fondly, Terri

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